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Marcin Cichocki

From the beginning of  professional career associated with the veterinary clinic of Patrycja and Leonard Gugała


Graduation: 2002

Specialization in veterinary surgery: 2013


Veterinary passions:






neurological examination

cerebrospinal fluid examination

spine x-ray

skull x-ray


brain ultrasound in puppies with open fontanelle

cooperation with a CT and MRI  

     imaging laboratory  in Wroclaw -


spinal surgery


instability of the spine

cauda equina syndrome

Wobbler syndrome

Spine’s fractures

spine dislocations


skull surgery

brain tumors

syringomyelia ,Cavalier King Charles Spaniel syndrome

tumours of  inner ear




ophthalmological examination

intraocular pressure examination

eye ultrasound


eyelid plastic surgery - entropy, ectropia, diamond eye

removal of eyelid tumours and their reconstructive surgery

prolapse of the eyelid gland (cherry eye)

correction of everted third eyelid

medial canthoplasty

nasolacrimal apparatus surgery

salivary ducts transposition - a surgical method for the treatment of eye dryness

correction of eyelash growth defects  trichiasis, distichiasis, and ectopic cilia 

plastic surgery of conjunctival corneal adhesions (symblepharon) after feline herpesvirus infection

corneal dermoid removing

corneal ulcers - surgical treatments including conjunctivocorneals grafts and conjunctival transpositions

intraocular treatments: -

removing iris cysts

glaucoma surgery

CATARACT surgery  -  phacoemulsification method with the insertion of ACRIVET , MEDICONTUR  artificial lenses      


upper respiratory surgery:

plastic surgery of the stenotic nares

removal of nasal and nasopharynx tumours

elongated soft palate correction

laryngeal lateralization  - surgical treatment of laryngeal paralysis


ul.Kameralna 21  72-006 Mierzyn

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